Official Group is an innovative financial solution providing automated AI-oriented trading which aims at high profits within a very short period of time. Our service provides user the opportunity to make profitable return from cryptocurrency and forex market without any prior knowledge through our smart AI trading bot.

Profitable AI-Trading Bot

Our automated AI trading bot software brings high profits in a very short period of time, returning our clients investment with high profit. Guaranteed profit up to 200%

Registered Business is a conern of Crypto Masters Limited, a registered company in Hong Kong. is hosted in a secure server with professional security protection providing 99.99% Uptime.

Lucrative Affiliate commissions provides 15% Referral commissions everytime referrals opens a contract, where deposits and withdrawals are Automatic and Instant, happening in just a matter of seconds in

Smart Telegram Bot

Get Instant Notifications! provides Smart Telegram Bot, which you can use to better control your account and get instant notification of what happening. You can connect your Telegram account with the bot and enjoy the superior experience. Through Telegram bot, you can make payments and payouts, see daily profits, referral commissions and get additional daily booster!

Trading Packages


You lost your personal link or do not know where your deposit is?

Date Currency Address Amount
Date Currency Address Amount
Currency Address Balance Reinvest Payout
Date Currency Address Amount Completion Status Money Back Guarantee
Date Currency Address Amount Status
Currency Address Balance Reinvest Payout
Date Currency Amount Address Commission Percentage

Referral System

15% Referral

Each time you refer a new user to, you will receive a 15% commission (5% instantly and 0.5%, daily paid for 20 consecutive days) directly to your wallet from every deposit the user makes. Payments are instantly sent making our referral program a great way to fine-tune your earnings.

Payment is fully automated. Our top-notch Hosting services guarantee NO delays or down-time. We are aiming at making this experience as smooth as possible for everyone!

Secure and
Professional is using a daily-updated DDoS Protection and Global CDN Acceleration. Our Web Application is protected with strong firewall and EV SSL certificate. The safety of your funds has the biggest priority for us!


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  • is providing me the best return of my investment. What I understand by profitable investment is: Daily returns, long term, easy to use platform with experienced support team. has everything of it. I am getting a daily return of 5.55% which is amazing. The project is surely long-term based because of their highly experienced support teams. I have tried many HYIP before, but I must say is the best among them.

    Diego Pinto


  • Through smart AI trading bot, the return of investment in is amazing. I really like the platform as it's very flexible and secure to place any investment here very easily. what I like most is, their instant payouts, whenever I need funds I just click on withdraw and in a matter of seconds I recieve it in my external crypto wallet. With I am getting new hope to make profit out of this crypto industry

    Farooq Qasim

    United Arab Emirates

  • is very profitable and trusted investment platform. It can be easily judged by their appearence. Most of all contacting with them is very easy and they are always available. I often contact through either telegram or by directly calling them in their support number. Whenver I have issues, they immediately solve it. I would give the support team 10 out of 10 for their professional support. Highly experienced support team.

    Arnou Pelchat


  • This website is secure and verified by almost all the major trust network available. Since they have different Cryptocurrency and also two other popular payment system like payeer and perfectmoney, I find it very easy to place my investment here. Also their automated payout system is truely amazing. I would recommend everyone to try this platform at least with 0.01 btc or more, you surely won't regret. this is the best program of 2019.

    Alief Fathoni


Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a crypto investment platform with an advanced AI trading system and a registered company operating the business behind it. is using automated AI trading bot for trading crypto currency as well as in the forex exchange market to bring high profits passively within very short spam of time. By using our platform you can easily double your investment within very short time. The entire process is managed by our expert team of professional traders and developers, developing AI trading bot for some efficient trading.

How to start with ?
It is very easy to start your first investment with . Follow this following steps

1. Select your preferred crypto currency
2. Enter Your personal address
3. Send us any amount in the given address
4. Sit back, Relax and watch your profit grows!

Which currency supports? has 6 amazing cryptocurrency and 2 regular trusted payment method. Total 8 payment processors. You can use these to make investment as well we instantly withdraw your profit in these currencies.

1. Bitcoin
2. Ethereum
3. Litecoin
4. Dogecoin
5. Bitcoincash
6. Dashcoin
7. Payeer
8. Perfectmoney

We are in process to add many other popular cryptocurrency in our network. Let us know which one you would like to have next? Your feedbacks are always welcome. contact: [email protected]

What is the minimum Investment and withdrawal amounts?

Currently, the minimum investment is as low as 0.005 BTC/ 0.2 ETH/ 0.5 LTC/ 0.2 BCH/ 0.2 DASH / 10,000 DOGE / $50 Perfectmoney / $50 Payeer. Whenever you want to start a contract, just enter select your currency, Enter Preferred wallet and send the desired amount to the specified address we provide. After 1-2 confirmations it will be immediately added in your account.
Each withdraw will be processed automatically in just a matter of seconds. The total amount of deposits is unlimited as well as the maximum investment value. Our current minimum instant withdrawal limits are 0.002 BTC/ 0.1 ETH/ 0.2 LTC/ 0.1 BCH/ 0.1 DASH / 5,000 DOGE / $5 Perfectmoney / $5 Payeer.

How the system generates profits?

The Doubler Artificial Intelligence trading bot is connected to many of the most popular exchanges out there and it is closely supervised by our experts who control every single step, in order to make sure the profits are optimized properly.

Does has any referral program?

Yes, it does! We would be pleased to have you as our partner and join our exciting referral program, which brings you a 15% commission after every single deposit your referral makes; the percentage is paid on a daily basis until the 15% target is reached (5% instantly and 0.5%, daily paid for 20 consecutive days). The more users you refer, the more profit you gain – it is as pure and simple as that.

Am I allowed to have more than one account?

No, you are not! Having multiple accounts under one holder or more holders in one household is a strict disregard against the terms and conditions! We use several security features to fetch multiple accounts. Should we recognize any suspicious occurrence, then all accounts related to this will be permanently blocked unless there is evidence that militates against blocking.

I lost my personal link, where can I find my link again?

Nothing to worry about. It happens all the time! Just add your transaction ID inside the “Your Last Transactions” text field and simply click on 'Search'. Immediately after, your complete payment History will be retrieved and shown.

How can I find my personal pincode?

Each user account has its own pin, which is necessary to make a reinvestment or package releases. The pin will be automatically sent to your email after registration or an investment. You can request for your pin on the homepage at any time.

Resend Pin
What is the advertising materials do I have?

We offer advertising materials for our partners like ad banners and videos; feel completely free to use our advertising material. We also encourage creativity, so if you feel that you have an idea that could attract more referrals, then why not shoot videos about our company, advertise on appropriate banners, create a page or anything else. We like creative surprises!

When will my deposit show up on Homepage?

Your deposit will appear as quickly as the Blockchain network confirms receiving your deposit. Immediately after, you will be able to see under the “ Transactions” History window, under the “My Investments” tab. You can also use your personal link or paste your wallet address in the search field to track your deposit.

What is the money back guarantee and how to avail it?

The money back guarantee is provided by us with complete transparency, To apply for the Money Back Guarantee, you must release a package in the my investments table on the website and click on the release button and enter your personal pin for confirmation. We deduct 40% fees in case you want to release your investment immediately.

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